Community is essential. Not just to a church but in large part human life. Some folks can be fine with one social contact while another needs several. The bottom line is that we are led by a God, who by His nature is not an isolated deity. The Biblical concept of Trinity, that is God the Father, Son, and Spirit are in community perfectly with one another. Our human communities may not be perfect, but we are still called to be in them and for the glory of God.

At Elevation Church we want to not only have community groups, but also have core values to them. So below is a brief description and summary of LG core values. As a Pastor at Elevation, I consider it an honor to be in community in God’s local expression of Saints in the church at Elevation.




The ability to come together for a meal is an expression of fellowship, as well as a celebration of God’s provision. Community around the table can be sweet fellowship and therefore Life Groups can “break bread” regularly. Remember to share the load...e.g. potlucks.



The willingness to “love the stranger.” This Biblical principle is asked of God’s people to welcome the new person into a genuine group of people that are honored to be together. This expression is what God has done by way of the gospel, that while we were estranged from Him; He sent Jesus. This is more than just fellowship but a willingness to invite others into the gospel with you.



The people of God are not only a saved people but also a sent people. Their identity and activity is to extend the Mercy of God to the lost, needy, hurting with the goal of making disciples of Jesus. This action is neither complicated nor expensive. Jesus saves, and he willingly uses his people to be “on mission” for his sake and glory. Missional expression can be seen corporately and personally in Elevation Church. 



The teaching of scripture and the principals that arise from the scriptures are useful and necessary for doing life and having wisdom in God. Our Life Groups are not typical Bible studies, classes, seminars, or sermons; the Life Group values looking deeply into the perfect Word of God.