We want to ensure everyone is kept well-informed in these otherwise chaotic times.

Please find updates, Live Streams, children's material, and other information below.


Thank you for staying connected, helping people, and following Jesus. 

Our hope during this time is to provide our Elevation families with Children's Ministry content each week. 

Children's Ministry Updates

Obviously, things are a little different these days when it comes to larger gatherings, and so we will be making adjustments to our public gatherings as well. We would ask you to be sensitive with one another, and continue to walk in God's grace. Below are 10 Things to Consider as we reassemble and make much of Jesus. With our eyes upon Jesus and our lives steadfast in Christ, we look forward to worshipping God together. 


Please RSVP online at We are allowed 100 people, so having your RSVP is crucial.


Please arrive at 10:15am so we have ample time to seat folks.  Thank you for your patience in advance as we figure out seating arrangements.

Our service will be family style and will include babies and children.


10 things to consider as we regather inside our building.


1.  Maintain household social distance within service please.


2.  We ask that you please wear a mask. The church has been sanitized and sanitizer and gloves are available. 


3.  The lobby will be designated for families with small kids. More space in the facility will be made available as we prepare the space in the coming weeks.


4.  Please bring Bibles, digital devices for the teaching, as we will not at this time be passing out Bibles. Also bring material (like color sheets or something) for little kids. We do have The Gospel Project sent to families and you can print it and bring that for them. If you don’t have that, please email us at


5.  Use only the designated bathrooms and please do not congregate around them. Wash after use and know we will have hand sanitizers outside of doors. Drinking fountains at this time will be covered.


6.  Be respectful of people who do or don’t want to shake hands or hug.  Always ask.


7.   If uncomfortable at this time about meeting in our building, please know we have the option for viewing from home. Our service will be recorded.  Check for the link on our website  


8.  Kids and youth ministries at this time on Sunday are not gathering; please keep an eye out for when & how they will.


9.  Of course, if sick or feeling sick or someone in your household is either, please stay home. Do a quick health check prior to coming; checking temp and how you all feel.  


10. Finally, seek your church out for counseling, events, questions you have about faith or the current teaching series, or help with food. We desire to be the church together. 530-886-8880 or 


Looking to Jesus;

Elder Team   --

10 Things To Consider As We Regather


Sundays at 10:30 AM



210 Palm Avenue

Auburn, CA 95603

Telephone: (530) 886-8880



It is our privilege to pray for you.

You will be prayed for all week by our pastors and prayer team.

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